"Leh (3505 m / pop: 28,000), the capital of Ladakh is a veritable kaleidoscope of sights and sounds. A quaint town nestling along the rugged slopes of the Ladakh range, it cradles a cultural legacy shaped at the crossroads of Asia on the Sub-continental Silk Route."
"Leh has many historic monuments, including the 17th century Leh Palace built by King Singe Namgyal on the hill overlooking the town. Higher up the hill called Namyal Tsemo, are the ruins of the earliest fort dating from 16th century."
"The Buddhist monasteries or Gompas constitute major cultural attractions of Ladakh. Out of the over dozen major monasteries situated on or near the Indus, the most famous from the heritage view point is that of Alchi, called Alchi Choskor on account of its ancient wall frescoes and other artistic elements dating from the 11th& 12th centuries, which pre-date the Tibetan style of paintings and art style seen in the other monasteries."
"Ladakh also boasts of high altitude lakes among which. Pangong Lake (a0 kms. from Leh) has the most dramatic setting. Located at an altitude of 14,500 ft / 4,267 M in, It is a long, narrow basin of inland water body, about 5-6 kms wide and about 140 kms long, one - third of which lies in India while the rest lies on the Tibet side of the border."
"Ladakh offers many options for adventure tourism amidst landscape of breathtaking natural beauty. These include jeep safaris, trekking & camping in the wilderness. The most popular activity, however, is rafting on the Indus & Zanskar Rivers which offers options for both amateurs and professionals."
"Kashmir is a destination of many hues and moods. Inspring and summer, the abundant orchards, rippling lakes and salubrious climate beckon all to experience the Valley's numerousdelights. Golfing in the picturesque courses, water-skiing in the lakes and angling for rainbow trout in the mountain streams-these are but some of the many pleasures you could indulge in on a Kashmir holiday."

Calendar of Monastic Festival in Ladakh

Name of Festival 2017 2018 2019 2020
Spituk Gustor1 January 25-26
January 3-4
January 3-4 January 22-23
Stongde Gustor July 12-13
July 1-2
July 20-21 July 8-9
DosmocheyLeh/Likir February 24-25
February 13-14
February 2-3 February 21-22
Deskit Gustor October 17-18
October 7-8
October 26-27 October 14-15
Stok Guru Tseschu March 6-7
February 24-25
February 14-15 March 3-4
Matho Nagrang March 11-12 March 1-2 February 18-19 March 8-9
Saka Dawa June 9 May 29 June 17 June 5
Hemis Tseschu July 3-4 June 23-24 July 11-12 June 30-July 1
Yuru Kabgyad June 21-22 June 11-12 June 29-30 June 18-19
Karsha Gustor July 21-22 July 11-12 July 30-31 July 18-19
Phyang Tserup July 21-22 July 11-12 July 30-31 July 18-19
Korzok gustor July 26-27 July 15-16 August 3-4 July 23-24
Dakthok Tsechu August 2-3 July 22-23 August 10-11 July 29-30
Sani Naro Nasjal August 6-7 July 26-27 August 14-15 August 2-3
Shachukul Gustor July 11-12 June 30- July 1 July 19-20 July 7-8
Thiksay Gustor November 6-7 October 27-28 November 15-16 November 3-4
Chemday Angchok November 16-17 November 5-6 November 24-25 November 13-14
Galdan Namchot December 12 December 2 December 21 December 10
Losar December 19 December 8 December 27 December 15


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